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When most people are first introduced to car audio, all they hear is Boom, Boom, Rattle Rattle rolling down the street.  Loud Bass and High Trebles, nothing else.  This is what young kids get into, find it fascinating, but don’t get the true sound experience as the Artist intended it to be.  This eventually increases the SPL interest (Sound Pressure Level) or ‘How Loud Can It Go?’.  Retailers make a huge profit selling Loud Booming Systems.

However, we want to introduce people to Sound Quality – The recreation of the original recording integrated into the Car Audio System – the way the Artist intended it sound.  When you go to see a live band or artist they’re usually performing on a stage.  Most of the music is coming from in front of you or, what we call ‘The Soundstage’.  Sound Quality Competition Vehicles re-create that Soundstage inside the car.  Just like in the below image.  Some of The Best Sounding Cars-World Champions, Do It Best!  Close your eyes and you fell as if you’re in the first few rows of a live shows!

Sound Quality focuses on several things:

  • Tonal Accuracy: How well the system replicates Sub Bass, Mid Bass, Midrange, High Frequencies and overall Spectral Balance (How well everything sounds together).
  • Soundstage: Listening Position to Stage, How wide, How High, How Deep, and How Realistic (Ambience).
  • Imaging: The Soundstage is divided into five distinct areas – Left, Left of Center, Center, Right of Center, and Right.  The more accurate you can pinpoint these areas, the higher you score and more accurate your stage.
  • Linearity: With this, the soundstage should not change too much at Low, Moderate, and High Volume
  • Noise: There should be no noise other than the music. No engine noise, system noise-whine/hiss, Rattles from loose fasteners or components.  The Only thing you hear in a well designed and well built Sound Quality vehicle is the music.

There’s more to music than Boom, Boom, Rattle, Rattle!!

  • Clarity: You hear everything clearly from the vocals to the most subtle instruments
  • Impact: The snap of the snare or punch of the kick drum or thump of the bass guitar like you never heard in a car….sounds so real!
  • Ambience: The piano notes, the strings of a violin, the scream of a lead guitar solo glide around you as you listen in awe.

Ask For A Demo!!

  • Sound Quality Competitors: We love to introduce new people to Sound Quality and give demos of our system. We Love to see your face when you hear how music was meant to be heard.  Don’t be fooled, we like to hit some Hip Hop, Rap, and a little thump every now and then too.  We want you to Know there’s so much more than being loud.  Your ears will thank you later.
  • When You Hear It: Once you realize how music is supposed to sound, Sound Quality, you will be hooked. It happens every time.  That’s why we need to get more people out to Sound Quality Competitions to help Promote what we Love!


SQC & IQC Event

All Customs Audio Brandon FL


Sunday April 30th


All Customs Audio

204 W Brandon BLVD
Brandon, FL 33511 United States


All Customs Audio
204 W Brandon BLVD
Brandon, FL 33511

1X Event
Sunday, April 30th, 2023

$25 entry
Registration 9AM

Contact: Angie Landis
PH 813.294.3744

Car Audio Competitors

Car audio fans are a unique breed; whether you’re a do it yourselfer  or a sponsored pro, you want to know how your system “stacks up” against others. IASCA is the place to do that and have fun doing it!

We are all dedicated people, constantly striving to build and tune the best sounding and loudest sound systems we can. IASCA Soundoff events give you the chance to show off your work to people around the world!

IASCA competition classes make it a fair fight! We make sure you’re competing against others who have similar experience and a similar system to yours

Whether you’re a Sound Quality audiophile, an SPL junkie, a Bass Boxing street banger, Car Show cruiser, or if cool lighting is your thing, IASCA has a competition format just for you… we’re not “just” car audio!


Any sort of competition needs a significant commitment from the competitor, especially in terms of time and effort.

Thus it should come as no surprise that this commitment is accompanied by a strong desire to feel the rush of triumph.

The rules, categorization, and judging of the IASCA competition formats are not only intended to provide a fair and impartial competition experience, but we also offer competitors the chance to get comments and guidance based on the expertise of our IASCA Certified Judges.

By taking part in an officially recognized IASCA competition, you can meet people who share your enthusiasm and assure the validity of the judging process.

Those who want their vehicle to perform at its finest can learn how to do so when exposed to this process by networking with other competitors and watching other systems in action.

Overall, it’s a tremendous learning opportunity and a lot of fun.

Many competitors have turned their competition experience into a profession in the industry over the years.

The road to victory may be long and difficult, and it probably will be.

It is inevitable that at some point along the process, you will suffer a loss; however, if you think about what you’ll have gained—new suggestions for how to make your system better from the comments and evaluation on the IASCA score sheet—you can easily accept it.

After the competition, we advise bringing the score sheet to your local IASCA merchant for advice on how to raise each score.

You can realize your aim of replicating the most authentic sound in your vehicle with the assistance of guidance, materials, and installation methods from an IASCA reseller.

The evaluation standards for your system, which have become the industry standard, are outlined in the IASCA rule book.

Whether you decide to compete or not, its contents can help you enhance the sound performance of your car.



The goal of the IASCA competition is to teach you how to enhance your system and get the best performance out of it.

Score sheets for the Sound and Installation Quality competition show your system’s strong features as well as opportunities for improvement.

During the evaluation of your vehicle by an IASCA Certified Judge, these points will be noted, and recommendations for improvement will be made.

Those with experience competing against one another at the highest level of competition to see who has the best system and who has developed the most.

Just keep in mind to design your system the way you want it, enter IASCA-sanctioned tournaments, learn from the judges’ advice, and then enhance what you’ve created!

Who knows—you might end up instructing others one day!

A place where audiophiles and sound Quality enthusiasts can come and share their experiences,  picturs of sound vehicles and also see the latest info on upcoming  events.

All shows are open to anyone. Our focus is Sound quality audio systems.


Show on March 26th:

“OTS sound q showdown”

Each format entered is $25



Registration 9am/judging  10am

We dont have a limit on who can attend.


There will be a show april 30th.

All out customs

204 Brandon blvd

Brandon fl 33511


Each format entered is $25



Registration 9am/judging  10am


Show is tentative may 21st in orlando. TBD


August 19th/20th


Florida SQ presents:


Battle of the Bay



Top 30 money round


3x judging on Saturday

Money round Sunday.

All others details  to come.



I will send you details on anything weve got coming or planned in a timeley manner.